The Idea Behind RSS Linkswheels

Depending on the online business model, I have found many instances where it is possible to dominate organic search engine ranking by creating a few simple micro-blogs and connecting them together in a linkwheel using RSS feeds. This blog is an example of that process. One reason this still works is that the vast majority of the competition (new people entering online marketing) are taught to just mindlessly build thousands of links from social bookmarks, blog comments, and forums.
Building link wheels takes less time, and you do the work only once in most cases. Another advantage of link-wheels is that it's difficult for links from these sites to be characterized as spam. This is considered off-site SEO and it would be very hard for search engines to discriminate or downgrade links from social media websites and Web 2.0 sites. Even if things change dramatically in the future, the loss of these one-way links will not cause your main website, money sites, or target sites to be de-indexed.
So, an RSS link-wheel can be defined as simply building 5 to 6 "on topic" micro-blogs, using selective keyword-rich anchor text links as one-way links back to your main target site, and a one-way link connecting from each mini-site in a linear scheme.
[A > B > C > D > E > F > (+/- A)]
The operative phrase here is "one-way links". This graphic above illustrates the possibility of the last link looping back to the first website in the link scheme. This is what is called a "closed" link- wheel. The link wheels we will build will not be closed. Our linkwheels are also called "horseshoe" or "open" link wheels, since the last link is not completed to make a full loop. The reason for this will be discussed in future posts.
Note: Throughout this blog I will use "link wheel", link-wheel", and "linkwheel" interchangeably. I do not know if one is preferable over the others. I kind of like the way Linkwheel looks myself.

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