Why Build Link Wheels?

Before we get into the process of building link wheels, we first need to discuss why you will want to learn to build a link wheel in the first place. In future posts we are going to discuss the history and evolution of the link wheel.

Micro-blogs and social networking sites continue to be incredibly popular and we can take advantage of this by using them to build links. Connecting these sites together in a link wheel makes the back links even more powerful. Using RSS feeds we can automate these link wheels.

At this point we won't get into the structure of link wheels, but we want to talk about the benefits. Here are a few of the general reasons that link wheels have been found to work so well.

  1. Updates in the way search engines work allows Web 2.0 type sites to get indexed in minutes instead of days or weeks.
  2. Search engines are almost obsessed with social media as a way to collect information about visitors and from user profiles.
  3. Almost all micro-blogging sites and social media sites are free to join and easy to use.
  4. A large number of back links can be leveraged from social network sites and Web2.0 sites that already rank high in search engines.
  5. These sites tend to predict future social trends and business trends.
I have found from testing that it's quite possible to dominate organic search rank by creating a few simple micro-blogs and connecting them together in a link wheel using RSS feeds. Their are many reasons for this, and we will cover these reasons in future posts. In the next post we will discuss the history of Link wheels.