How to Create Power Bookmarks

I happen to do this every few days, so I thought it was worthy of a post. This comes under the category of tips and tricks, I would suppose. The term "power bookmark" just popped into my head as a title for this post. It probably is not a searchable term with regard to this technique. Nevertheless, I use this method to get added weight for my bookmarks in the search engines. My belief is that it also makes the bookmarked links more valuable as backlinks.

This method is pretty simple, and all that is involved is bookmarking you bookmarks. You can also include any other links that show up on the first 3-5 pages of the SERPs. The way I like to do this is to search on my domain name, the title of the website, and then the subheads first. Don't worry, this goes pretty quick. Then is is just a matter of finding links that lead back to your web pages and bookmark these a few times.

I cycle through my keyword list and do the same thing, starting with the top keywords, keyword phrases, and working my way though the long-tail keywords. I then do searches on these to see where my pages, or links to my pages show up in the search results. Depending on the niche and what you are marketing, you can turn that process around and go for the low-hanging fruit first. If you are in a niche without a lot of competition, you can rank fairly quickly by creating these extra bookmarks. I use this with LinkWheel Sage and RSS Mage.

What you will find in your search results is that other people will have bookmarked your posts and pages. There also will be links like this that lead back to your link wheel properties. This method is very effective if you are doing article marketing and publishing lots of content that is getting re-published on other websites and blogs. Just bookmark those links, too.

This is somewhat of a mindless pastime, and something you can do when you don't want to be too mentally challenged, or when you have some extra time. If you don't have time, this is something that you could easily pay someone to do every once in a while. This is a perfect job for older children and high school kids.