Some Good Reasons to Build Link Wheels

Four Reasons to Build RSS Link Wheels
By EM Beck

Some things have been written about the lost effectiveness of link wheels, and many people might suspect that link wheels no longer work very well for building back links, and ultimately garnering traffic to your target websites. I don't believe it. First, think about the fact that the search engines probably do not necessarily want to discriminate against links that are coming from very popular social media sites, micro-blogs, and other web 2.0 type of websites.

Why? Well, these are sites that are known to be frequently visited and indexed by the search engines, not only for the fantastic amount of new content they provide, but also for the fact they are excellent resources for data mining profile information on the members and visitors. This is the stuff that the search engines supposedly are looking for these days, so don't count the humble link wheel out yet from this perspective.

I also suspect that not that many people take advantage of link-wheels, as there is a certain amount of work involved to get them up and running. So, if you are smart, you may want to consider investing some time testing this link building technique before you write it off as old hat. Here are four reasons I think that links from linkwheels still make sense.

1. Recent upgrades in the way search engines work allow new links from Web 2.0 type properties to be indexed in minutes instead of days.

2. Search engines currently are focused on social media as part of their metric to collect information from user profiles.

3. Almost all micro-blogging sites and social media sites are free to join, free to use, and easy to implement.

4. A lot of back-links can be leveraged from social media and Web 2.0 sites that the search engines already favor and index frequently.

I have had much success building link wheels that only involve 5 to 6 micro-blogs in a wheel, and get updated automatically with RSS feeds. I have not really seen anything else online written about this technique and I have searched periodically off and on for information over the last year or so. There have been a few posts on forums I have seen with similar ideas, but nothing specifically using RSS feeds to connect micro-blogs and social media sites together in a linkwheel.

Over the same time period, I have been testing and tweaking this method using different free tools I have researched. I have ended up calling this kind of link wheel powered by RSS feeds the "RSS Sage Linkwheel", or simply a LinkWheel Sage™. I also have written a step-by-step guide on how to put these simple linkwheels into action.

The guide details my approach for selecting a few free micro-blog sites, and then use embedded RSS feeds as a way to link these websites together to create an automated link wheel.

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E.M. Beck is an SEO and online marketer. He writes about a lot of different things online, but also enjoys dreaming up and testing new ways to build website traffic and improve search engine position.

You can learn about his latest projects, LinkWheel Sage™, RSS Mage™, RSS Mage Lite™, and RSS Mage Pro™ at RSS Mage

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