How to Write Content for Link Wheels

In this post we will address a few guidelines for how to go about writing content for your link wheels. You obviously want your content to be on topic with your niche. As we have discussed keywords previously, you need to include some of your targeted keywords throughout your content.

I usually start with my keyword research and pick a few keyword phrases that will work well as part of the headline and maybe a subhead. Don't belabor the keywords, and don't "keyword stuff". This is when you force keywords into your copy. Keywords are also a good way to get ideas for your content.

Another good tip is to just write the way people talk. Just think of your copy as a conversation. Keep it conversational, but at the same time you want to research your topic well, and you want to provide useful information. I also like to use keywords I have researched as tags, and as headings for "categories".

Try to find a unique angle or viewpoint, and offer answers to questions that you know people have about a particular subject. Stick with these simple concepts and you should do just fine. Writing copy should not be a chore. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

As we discuss the construction of individual RSS link wheels using micro-blogs, we will touch again on the subject of content for specific kinds of pages and posts.