Importance of Back Links

We need to mention back link building, because next to proper keywords and relevant content, back links are the most important thing you need in your quest for search engine ranking and ultimately more organic website traffic.

What we want are "one-way" backlinks. The are links that are directed to your websites and not reciprocal (no 2-way links). You will also see these called "inbound links". Below are a few more important considerations about backlink building.

The number of backlinks you have are an indication of the value of your website. When we are building RSS link wheels, we are not attempting to build deep websites with many pages, but a backlink strategy is still important. You will want to build links to the individual internal pages, and not just to the domain urls. You also can build links to the RSS feeds by submitting these to RSS directories. You should also plan out a simple backlink profile for each miro-blog and link wheel.

You do not want all of your links coming from one source or one type of resource. This means that you should mix it up and have a few links from social bookmarking sites, blog comments, forum comments, and all of the profiles associated from your online accounts. This is something that people often miss, or get lazy about. Profiles are an excellent source of powerful links. There are many other ways to build backlinks, and in fact, the RSS linkwheels we are discussing in this blog are another great source of one-way backlinks.

I believe that you should know by now that backlinks are crucial for Search Engine Optimization, and this is especially true for Google. Credit for certain kinds of links and the number of links is a known metric for how Google will rank your website. Maybe another important tip is to build your links in a slow and steady pace. Too many links too fast will be considered spamming the search engines.