Combining RSS Feeds and Link Wheels

This post is all about why you should be reading this blog. We finally are getting to some of the good stuff about why we want to consider combining RSS feeds and link wheels together. In the previous post we have discussed a little bit of history and some of the individual attributes of these two tools that make them more powerful as a pair.

If you don't yet see the possibilities, do a review of previous posts and also read on. Below is a chart that demonstrates how I currently link some of my favorite Web 2.0 sites together using RSS feeds. I have modified the graphic from a typical link wheel diagram that can be found online. This is in the order that I usually set up my link wheels for rotation. It does not matter in what direction the link wheel goes (left or right). Since we are building open link wheels, one important thing to note is that the last link is not completed in the wheel.

In the next few posts we will start looking at the structure for individual elements of each spoke (micro-blogs), and we will also look at methods to link using RSS feeds.