RSS Feeds for Back Links

Implementing RSS feeds in many various ways is going to get you backlinks. This is a great way to create an incredible number of one-way backlinks to your content online without much effort once you get the hang of it. Remember that just about any kind of content can be converted into an RSS feed, and this means you create automated links to-and-from link wheels, too.

Not only can you use existing RSS feeds that are automatically embedded on most sites, you can also create feeds if they don't exist. Next, you can go on to combine links and mixed RSS feeds using aggregator tools like,, and Yahoo Pipes. You then can distribute thee feeds across the web and leading back to your link wheels, blogs, and target websites. Not only that, since RSS feeds also have any other links they already embedded in articles and posts, you can begin to see how you can multiply and pass links across the net. Surfers who are interested in your content can subscribe to your feeds to keep up with your updates.

You can easily submit RSS feeds to potentially hundreds of RSS directories, and your links will get syndicated in ways you have not even imagined. This in turn will generate even more automated back links, better search engine exposure, and more targeted website traffic. It's amazing that more people do not take advantage of the power of RSS distribution.

Here are some tips. Publish your feeds to as many directories and feed aggregators as you can. This is one area where using automated software should not be a problem. There is paid software and there are free software options. The more exposure you get for your feeds, the more backlinks you will then create, and you will continue to build an impressive number of one-way links from around the web.