Social Media Profiles

One area most people do not give enough attention to is the profiles that they can fill out for any type of public profile online. Profiles can be found on micro-blog platforms, social networking sites, bookmarking sites, and video sharing sites. There are hundreds of these sites and they all can provide valuable one-way back links.

Practically all social network sites give you the ability to create a "personal profile”.

You want to add personal photos, videos, and any extra information that you are allowed to enter. This gives readers a way to your learn a bit more about you. This a a great free way to brand yourself and promote practically any product, service, or website.

Each of these kind of sites work a bit differently, and for this reason your strategy will be a little different for each type of site. When you are creating your profiles, focus your interests on the topic of the website or product/service you are promoting. Don't over-sell and don't promote too heavy, simply invite your profile readers to visit your sites for more information by providing links back to your link wheels,target websites and blogs.

Don't miss this opportunity to promote yourself and create links back to your link wheels and other websites and blogs.