Naming Your Link Wheel Sites

Choosing names for the sites in your link wheels should be fairly straight forward. This gets back to the notion of using keywords and keyword phrases. All the other rules that apply to picking domain names apply to picking URLs and titles for these sites, too. You don't want to use product names, trade-names, service marks, slogans, tag-lines, or other copyrighted material unless you are the owner, or have explicit permission. I would stay away from these situations even if you are an affiliate, or some type of paid sales associate like with network sales companies, and MLM. These companies will typically have TOS agreements that will protect these names and phrases, and include provisions where they can make and change the rules at any time.

Start with the best niche keywords and work you way down the list. Long-tail keywords (3-4 or word phrases) will be eaiser to rank for in the search engines. I sometimes like to include words that add some weight like "guide", so an example would be "RSS Link Wheel Guide". Always place these modifiers at the end. You want the keyword phrases you are targeting at the very beginning. Some SEO experts will suggest you stay away from "stop" words like "the" and "for". Stop words are words that are ignored by the search engines. Another thing I have seen in research is that Google in particular does not like the term "review" in titles. Supposedly this is because of all the fake review sites built by affiliate marketers.

I like to work my way through my keyword list, using the best keyword phrases for the URLs first, then the next tier for titles, subheads, categories, tags, etc. Look around this blog and you will get the idea. Here are some of the names and titles for a few of the sites in this link wheel:

"How To Build RSS Link Wheels"
"Automated Link Wheels"
"RSS Marketing and RSS Feeds for SEO"