Post and Ping Techniques

When most people hear "Post and Ping" they naturally will think this means to "make posts" to your blogs and then "ping" those posts manually on popular pinging services, or using a pinging tool. If you are already familiar with using Wordpress than you also know that this is a built in feature of Wordpress. Every time you make a post, it automatically notifies a certain number of the pinging services that you have updated your content. There are some Wordpress plugins available that will also allow you to customize some additional functions.

These certainly are good and worthwhile ideas, but I have a different take on "Post and Ping". I use a Blogger blog as a tool for post and ping. This only makes sense, because we know that Blogger is going to crawl new content on Blogspot and then quickly index it in the search engines.

This has also been termed a feeder blog, as you can use it to quickly feed links from any site to Blogger and be assured to get the links noticed and indexed by Google. Google makes it pretty easy by providing a "share" button for Blogger that resides in your Google toolbar. This is used almost like a bookmarking button to send a link to your Blogger blog. Another approach can get fairly sophisticated by employing a tool like to post statuses.

You have to use this in a way that is not considered spam, which means adding some content before and after each link that you are sending, but this can just be an extra sentence or two. Mix this in with some scheduled posts, or a free content resource like and you will have created a powerful mini-site for your link wheel that is automated. Then just ping your Blogger blog every once in a while on a service like

As an example, I wrote 52 posts in advance that were then scheduled to post on this blog once a week for 12 months out. I occasionally can add articles I have written and published to, and I can always add content from the email option function that Blogger provides (part of the scheme for using Unique Article Wizard).