Why You Need A Blogger Blog

Many people may think that Blogger blogs are outmoded, or only for beginners. All things considered, you do have to admit that Blogger is a great way to get started online. This post is intended to give you a new perspective on Blogger, why it is important, and why you need to have Blogger Blogspot blogs as part of your SEO network.

First and foremost is the fact that Blogger is owned by Google. This should give you some clues why Blogger blogs need to be in your mix of link wheel properties. You may want to have some Blogspot blogs even if you are not using them for link wheels. I still build a bunch of these reliable blogs for other reasons. There are probably people that can make a living using only Blogger. The only caution would be not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Blogger is easy to set up and get rolling. Believe it or not, Blogspot blogs can be very efficient for what we need to get done. These blogs get indexed quickly, and because they have the distinct advantage of being part of Google, they also get visited by the Google spiders often. This means you can use these guys to send you loads of traffic, and then direct some of that traffic to other sites with your content and links. A big plus for us in our linking scheme is what is called "Post and Ping", however, I will devote a future post to this.

Other traits include the "ease of use" that is simple point-and-click. You will not to have to learn anything about html code, or how to customize templates or themes. Although of recent note, Blogger has added features that allow for a certain degree of customization. I actually like to use these features to create customized squeeze pages. Just look at this site and see how well it accommodates all the things we want like a page navigation bar, an RSS feed, plenty of sidebar gadgets, plus many other functions that most visitors will find familiar.

You can associate your own domain name with Blogger, but I have never found the need to do this. Just find and use an appropriate keyword phrase to title your blog. Maybe the greatest advantage is that all of this is supported by Google, and for free.

I have decided over the years that these little sites can be very powerful and of great value for generating traffic to another blog or website.