Don't Submit Your Sites to Search Engines

Here are some reason why I do not believe you should submit your new websites to the search engines. I have determined this from doing some research and some testing, but also have concluded that it is largely a waste of time. The biggest reason for this is that there are now better ways to get a new website indexed. In the case of Link wheel properties, it probably is also a non issue.

In the case of Google, there is some good evidence that submitting a new site will just get your site in the "Google Sandbox". This is all speculation, as there is no term or function like this acknowledged by Google. The idea makes some sense though. The idea is that when you submit a new website to Google, that you simply are alerting them to the fact that this is a new website. Google then somehow flags your site and puts it on a watch list od sorts for the search engine spiders, and at the same time this somehow prevents you from possibly ranking in their search engine results until this probation period expires.

Who knows if this is accurate, but my stance would be why even take this change that it might be true. When it come to search engines, Google is the only search engine that really matters. It is the only game in town when you are marketing online. So, I don't waste any time submitting sites to the other search engines either. This goes for paid submission services, too. Save your money on this one.

I do create site-maps for most of my sites, and I do submit links for Google to find naturally in other ways. This works better and is much faster. We will look at ways to get your websites indexed quickly in the next few posts.