Getting Websites and Blogs Indexed Quickly

Most people think that getting your sites indexed is a waiting game, but it does not have to be. There are a few methods to get your websites and blogs indexed quickly in search engines. I only am concerned about getting indexed in Google. Google is the leader by far, and the other search engines will play follow the leader. I can get new sites indexed in a matter of hours.

Getting you sites "indexed" means getting your pages and links counted. This is probably the easiest way to think about indexing, and you should understand by now that this means creating some quick links back to your website and internal pages. You can create a few back links every time you publish a page or post. Read about the standard techniques that follow, and then we will look at some fast track tips.

Social Bookmarking
Contrary to popular belief, you only need a few social bookmark links when you get started. Just like we talk about in all these posts, you don't want to spam the search engines and you also don't want to build links too fast. In this case 6-10 at a time is plenty. Use site like Digg, Mixx, and Propeller.

Social Media Profiles
We have discussed this previously. Just create some accounts specific to your website niche with the big social media sites like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, etc. These sites get crawled and indexed by Google on an hourly basis, and yes, these links do get indexed quickly.

Forum and Blog Comments
This is a really simple technique. Just find some the most popular blogs and forums related to your niche and leave comments with a link back to your website or post. Make sure these are DoFollow links.

RSS Feed Directory Submissions
RSS feed directories are near and dear to our mission, since one of the biggest reasons for this blog involves how to use RSS feeds. Yo can submit your feeds to hundreds of directories. In later posts we will talk about automated submission tools. Go to this RSS Directory Link List to get started.

Now, here are a couple of quick indexing tips that have always worked fro me. One is to first search (and find) a phrase in quotes that has no search engine results. The crazier, the better. Something like "blue monks find solace in Peru"

When you find a phrase with "no results", go write a post with that in you headline and as an anchor text link in a short post on your blog or website, then bookmark the page. Google will now be looking for this phrase to index. Once your site is indexed you can edit the post to something more sensible.

Another trick is to use the name of your website as anchor in a post on an established blog with good traffic. This of course will have a link leading back to your domain url. As that site gets crawled for new content your link will be picked up and indexed.

My last favorite way to get quick links is to do a search for my new site domain on some of the popular statistical sites like,,, and These searches will automatically create links back to your new site and these in turn get picked up by the search engines.